Let your mind wander

She is standing in her garden and looking at the sky wondering how she can reach the zenith of the sky. She is consumed by her thoughts and is eager to find an answer. The rays of sunshine make her look more beautiful. She has yet to explore the wherever she can go in this world. She is intrigued by the thought of travelling the world.

Thinking of zenith, she conceives an idea and decides to start working on it. She realized that her long live love is travel. She decides to pack her bags and leave for an adventure to the holiday destinations in India.

First India, then the world

Before world travel, she had yet to see the glimpses of beautiful India. The tourist places in north India were all she had travelled in her childhood. So, she told her mother to take her to the southern part of India for sightseeing. Her trips to North India were made memorable with the help of a well-educated guide who was with her all the time. He introduced her to all the lovely places and everything seemed so flawless.

Since her mother was busy with the office work, so she hired a local guide for her travel to the southern part of India. Being from a north Indian family, Tanya was eager to visit South India. The south Indian dishes, lovely lakes, and coconut trees were all she could imagine at that moment. So, she picked up her phone and dialled the number of the local guide who could guide her for the same. Feeling cheerful, she dials the number. This is the first step in her stride of travelling the world.

Tanya is planning to go to Kerala. Where are you going?