Plan before leaving

Unlike any other random traveler, you must always know your travel destination so that you can plan accordingly. If the thought of traveling the world for free or cheap crosses your mind ever, then before plotting for it, you must know the answers to the following questions-

  • Where do you want to go? City, countryside or the beach?
  • What do you prefer? Hot, sunny, humid or cold weather?
  • You want a thrilling expedition or a calm relaxation?
  • An adrenaline rush, cultural festivals or shopping spots?
  • Solo, family, couple or group of friends?
  • Need a tour guide or not?
  • Fond of budgets or splashing the cash?
  • You want to travel a tried and tested destination or an off beaten track?

The answers to the above questions will let you frame your mind which will ultimately let you know how to travel the world for free. Get, set, go! With a pen and a paper in your hand, get ready to answer all the questions.

Finding resolutions to the questionnaire might not seem enough! So, here are few tips for you which will help teach how to travel the world for free by choosing your destination. Get ready to glue your eyes to the screen!

Be approachable

Even if you haven’t heard of a place or you are not even able to pronounce that place or you find the place suspiciously cheap, never let your mind run towards the fears of negativity. Go and check out for the cheapest flights!

Be resolute

If you have researched for your next travel destination, then do not waste time with the haunting deep thinking! Take the first step without having second thoughts. Be determined and decisive, because the laziness can kill you!

Be a rebel

Never be afraid of being a solo traveler. Have the strength to travel alone. Even if you face any difficulty traveling alone, there are tourist guides at every destination to save your arse from all the obstacles 😉

These three golden points are really going to help you with your next planned destination.

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