Movies will definitely raise your traveling hormones.

21st century’s teenagers want to lead a passionate life. Ask a teenager or a younger adult; what will he do if he has a lot of money? Guess the Answer! I will travel is what he will say. Teen life is free from all the responsibilities of family. Therefore, a teen is always engaged in my mind to keep on making his/her life better. Meanwhile, Cinema plays the role to influence people; from teenagers to elder adults. Most of the thoughts about career come from Cinema. Whether it being acting, modeling, photography or traveling, those big screens are the reason. Here are some must watch travel movies with great lessons embedded in them for the traveler.   Make Sure you watch!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This is highly rated travel movie by viewers’ choice. No movie in Bollywood has replaced this one. The story revolves around three friends who travel to Spain for a bachelor’s trip. These three musketeers travel to three different places in Spain doing things they fear about. This movie gives a lesson to live life to fullest. Do things that you fear from because you get life only once.


Kangana Ranaut starring movie Queen is an awesome travel movie to watch on your weekend. Here, a character travels to Paris after her fiancée rejects her for marriage. She decided to travel alone to her pre-planned honeymoon destination, Paris. She ends up emerging from the pain of breakup by the time she returns back to home. The beautiful lesson this movie gives is that traveling does heal your pain and wounds and that by traveling alone.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

This movie is a youth-oriented travel movie covering up on your friends, family, and love. The character is shown deeply passionate about traveling. The story starts from a trek to Manali and ends up at one the friend’s marriage after 8 years. Meanwhile these years, character fulfills his passion and travel to a number of countries. But after 8 years, he feels like he has lost everything including his father and his love life. This heart touching, the irreplaceable movie gives the lesson that never involves in anything that you forget about the importance of other. One cannot get everything in life.


This movie starring Alia Bhatt and featuring lovely landscapes will send you in a state of trance at some level. Here, a bride-to-be girl is abducted before her wedding. Abductor sets his own way to ransom her. This lasts long till a bloom of romance starts between two on a truck journey. This beautiful movie gives varied views of landscapes that you’ll fall in love. The major lesson that can be learned is that people need freedom at their own level. Only then majestic and beautiful life can be explored.

Into the Wild

Well, this Hollywood movie also deserves to be on this list. This movie is about a brave young man who abandons his University Degree and all the possessions. He sets out for Alaska explore the beauty of life. This journey leads him into the wild. He finds pleasures in life along with purpose that he has been looking for in his entire life. This movie gives a lesson that desires are meant to be lived. No matter how harsh things seem to be, how much challenges you get to face, it’s never too late to follow a dream.

I guess this post has covered your all 4-5 weekends of the month. These movies will help you inspire about traveling in some way or other. Watch’em all. Happy Watching