Kasol – also known as Mini Israel

Kasol, a burb situated on the outskirts of river Parvati in the beautiful Himachal Pradesh. This serene and quiet place is bundled in the Himalayas. A total amusement for all the bag packers as it is an all-time adventure sport. For all the snow lovers, it is a perfect escape from the plain pleasant regions. Totally an optimal destination for few days buzzes away for all the adventure lovers.

Some of the must do’s in Kasol are as follows:

Take a stroll by the Parvati river

For experiencing the more peaceful scenes take a hike down the serene gushing and cherishing Parvati River with the pine trees on another side. An amazing site to count on capturing memorable pictures as the place is framed with snow on the perks of the mountains which are rising alpine in the high blue sky.

Visiting Manikaran Sahib

The largest Gurudwara engrossed between the high hills and the river Beas. Fetch a side or walk to this place which is just 6 kilometres away from Kasol. Manikaran Sahib owns a hot spring in which the holy devotees dip into for rinsing their sins and gluttonies and is the most touching place to count on Kasol for.

Long Walk to Tosh

Quite an isolated place to live in, Malawar is famous for its temple of Jammu Devta. Most noteworthy is that the people living here do not interact with other outsiders as they do not want to compromise their race of purity by interaction with people outside their community. Owning a personal government, those Malawar people do not follow the Indian Government. Popularly also known as ‘Little Greece’, the village with a plush beauty is all set to slay.


Taking a trek to Kheer Ganga is one of the pleasant and adventurous things to do in Kasol. Some of the trek beginners may find it challenging but it’s completely not one. But, after reaching the trek pointy looking at the gushing geothermal spring is worth the time, risk and challenge. KheerGanja is a beaming beauty in alliance with harmony. Definitely a place with the tastiest food and adventurous sporting.