The mighty Kedarkantha trek

The Kedarkantha trek is advisable for those who are beauty admirers and adore adventure. And in case if you like winters, snow capped mountains and the chilly weather, then you should definitely visit this trek. It will fulfil all your sightseeing imaginations and fantasies.

It’s doable for the first time trekkers too

Even if you are a first-time trekker, no need to hesitate! Kedarkantha is highly recommended for the first time trekkers and the experienced ones as well. The trail is full of snow from December to March and this time is considered the most ideal for the trekking season.

A trail rich in Flora and Fauna

The best thing about this trek is that you will be able to view the highest peaks here such as the Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini and Black Peak. And in case you are a nature lover, then this trek is like a jackpot for you. It is rich in flora and fauna. It is a perfect place for the nature sweethearts. The pictorial view is mesmerizing. Once you look at the snow covered mountains and the pine trees crowded over it, you will be stupefied with this amazing scenery. The frozen ponds add much more to this serene beauty. The delightful experiences and the blissful journey will help you make so many memorable memories. It will leave no stone unturned.

Unmatchable beauty

The trek is located in the Western Ghats in the Uttarkashi district. Considered as one of the easiest treks full of fascinating adventures, the trek has become a hub of beginners and experienced trekkers. There is a need to carry the backpacks too in order too, as the air becomes thinner at the top. This cannot be matched with any of the other beautiful Indian destinations.

If you want to enjoy winters even in the summers, then this trek is the place you should visit. The lovely camp sites with a touch of ravishing beauty add the icing to the cake.

The most breathtaking among all is the snow capped view of the summit which gets more stunning as soon as you reach the end. This place will fill you with an immense pleasure and gratitude inside your heart. It will take your heart away and you will never want to come back from it.


Day wise trekking plan

Day 1

The first day should be the arrival at Sankri which is a 220 km drive and will take approximately ten hours. Here the trekkers are picked up from Dehradun at around 6 am in the morning. The arrival time which is expected is 5 pm in the evening.

Day 2

It will be a 4 km trek which will take approximately five hours. The trial will consist of deep forests full of dense pine trees, maple trees and some beautiful streams which will ultimately open to splendid meadows. Here the trekkers need to stay in tents.

Day 3

It will again be a 4 km trek from Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha base. It will take two and a half hours for the trekkers to reach the point. The meadow view will continue here.

Day 4

Next stop is the Kedarkantha peak which is a 6 km trek and will take approximately seven hours to reach.

Day 5

A 6km trek from Hargaon to Sankri which will take approximately four hours. This time you need to descent 2500 feet all through the dense pine forests.

Day 6

The departure day which will take approximately 10 hours of travel. This will be the time when you will be dropped at the Dehradun station for departure.

Now, stop looking at the screen! And start planning your tour to the best trekking destination. I am sure it will leave you bewildered with insurmountable happiness.