Returning from India was not that easy!”

I said and realized I was boosted up mere with memories of this amazing country. “Since the day I came back to America from my trip to India, I am not actually settled at my mind. I am nostalgic about this beautiful country. I miss the “Namaste”, Samosas with Chutney, sightseeing and most of all the rickshaw rides”.

I was telling about the trip to my colleagues at Musafir Bagh, an Indian Restaurant in America.  Their faces were beaming with curiosity. They were curious to know about all the Indian destinations that I visited. I was also very eager to tell them about the hotels nearby airport where we stayed. Coming back from India to America was such an adventure which I was soon going to recite to them.

“How did you live there?”, “What Places did you visit?”, “How was the food?” they asked me. I was glad to share with them my experience of this most adorable place. But on another side, I could sense the doubts in Ryan’s mind. And curiously he asked “India is such a different country, how did you manage?”

I was quiet for a while. Then I proceeded, “My wife was as skeptical as you are now and being that is obvious. This lasted in her mind until we hired a guide there.”

“You can never judge a place unless you are experiencing things from inside. I could have misled like you and my wife. But I am thankful to my guide for showing me THE TRUE INDIA. So there is really no wonder that I loved Samosa and Rickshaw rides. Believe me, you too will love Samosa.”

Ryan replied,” Not actually, unless I travel with you next time. Namaste!”