Holi, the festival of colors which represents the win of good over evil

is celebrated in almost all the parts of India. And if somebody asks, the best place to celebrate Holi; who would not say Mathura, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Mathura owns the tradition of playing Lath Holi, the unique traditions of all leaving behind the others. During his childhood, Lord Krishna was complex about his complexion darker in comparison to Radha being fair and he used to crib about this to his mother. To this, his mother told him to playfully multicolor Radha. With this, Krishna used to visit Radha’s village and color her with the other gopis as well. The girl’s then used to beat up the guys with sticks.

Until then, this tradition evolved and has been in sync since years. Barsana village, Radha’s village widely celebrates Holi long time before the actual date of the festival. The village Nand Gao of Mathura, where Lord Krishna lives also follows the same tradition as Barsana.

Mathura does not just end up with the Holi festivities in the birthplaces of Lord Krishna and Radha

It yet begins in one of the greatest ancient temples of Mathura, Dwarkadheesh temple. In this temple, the arrangements of the festivities are just started from early seven in the morning with the priests preparing Bhaang on the vishram ghat, some of the people even make it on their own. Even before the opening of the temple gates, there is a huge crowd outside the temple. A large number of people gather along with the tourists who participate in these temple celebrations. The priests and localities play dhols with Holi music on and men, women, children dance along the beats. Another temple is the Dauji temple where Holi also called Hurangha is played in full power splash of colors.

Here the people not only indulge in the Lath Holi but also include stripping men playfully and beat them up with their own clothes. For enjoying the celebrations from a full view, people gather up early in the temple courtyard to capture and recreate fun. Individuals forget everything and play happily with each other. Everyone is welcome to join the celebrations here.