Andaman and Nicobar islands are the most famous, exotic, pristine, rare beauties on earth. The glimpse will eventually take you to a higher place in your dreams. These three gems will leave all the travellers fascinated.

Long Island & Guitar Island

The perfect hotspot and one of the favourite destinations for the travellers are the Long Island and Guitar Island. Situated on the eastern coast of the North and Middle Andamans, the island is spotless white beach full of sand which is the major attraction for the tourists. Here, the tourists can go on fine boats, cruising, fishing and or you can sing along with a guitar. The beachcombing, nature photography and swimming are some of the favourite things of the travellers. The privately owned resort here can take the travellers to the greater depths of travel.

Rangat & its eco-tourism

The best eco-tourism spot for the travellers is Rangat. The most remarkable eco-tourism spot with an ambience of calmness and mangrove creeks is a perfect spot for the travellers. The guesthouse in the tourism department is quite comfortable and offers fresh seafood in the season. There is an Aamkunj beach which is 8 km away from Rangat. It is a long, patchy and sandy place full of pebbles which is quite a stretch for the people who is an eco-tourism spot for the travellers. The efforts initiated by the Tourism department are something which is tremendous and will leave the tourists breathtaking.

Ross & Smith Island

This island is about five hours beyond the Rangat. It is located on the northernmost side and has a population of 40,000 people. The two islands are joined together along with a natural stretch of a sandy beach with a comfortable low tide along the air in the beaches. Space is quite magical. It is the natural marvel stretched up in a white beach full of sand.

Don’t forget to miss these tourist gem spots.