Jantar Mantar gives us the time with sun rays.

Whenever you go to sightseeing in Jaipur make sure you go to the place.” said my teacher at primary school.

“But how? I can’t understand how shadows can give us a time almost accurate to an electric clock.” I asked being curious.

Believe me; I was punished by my teacher for arguing for half an hour on this topic. Since that day I wanted to go for sightseeing in Jaipur. I wanted to go to Jantar Mantar. Though Jaipur is one of the popular tourist places in north India, I hadn’t been there for once. Finally I got this opportunity during my college college.

It was always in my heart to go to Jaipur and finally, during semester break I managed to go to the place. I love to travel alone. So I packed my bags and stepped out without letting anyone know except my parents. Meanwhile, I would have reached Jaipur, I had no idea where would I go. I looked for hotels nearby airport. Selected the hotel and reached! I hardly stayed there for 1 hour and I was out for sightseeing. Guess what was the first place I visited?

‘Jantar Mantar’ it was. I felt a soul satisfaction for a while for being at the place I used to read about in my school. For next moment, I engaged myself in reading time. I wasted about twenty minutes figuring out what it actually is? I thought I was right while arguing with the teacher. But yeah, I am stubborn too.

So, I decided to hire a guide. To my luck, I found a best one. He managed to teach me how to read time from Sunrays. I was amazed to explore the unexplored. Finally, I felt satisfactory.

Now, I also advise people, “Whenever you go to sightseeing in Jaipur make sure you go to Jantar Mantar.”