The Gift of Holi

It was going to be her first holi festival after marriage. Feeling sad and distressed about not being able to celebrate holi at her hometown in Punjab, she was lost in her thoughts. Little did she knew that fate had some other plans for her. The loneliness was beginning to take a turn, so she fiercely started arranging all the things in a systematic manner, she was feeling frustrate and broken until she came across a pamphlet of the recent Holi festival which was going to be held in Rajasthan.


After scrutinizing the pamphlet, she realized that the ‘Dhulandi Festival’ was going to be held a day after the Holika Dahan aka the traditional bonfire and everyone young and gaiety were invited to the festival. The festival was going to be held in the capital city of Jaipur where the guests will be entertained with the relishing pictures, Rajasthani folk music, and dance.

The thing which left her more mesmerized was that it was going to be held in the lawns of a royal palace where the visitors will be playing with the dry colors and the Rajasthani folk and cultural music will mark the beginning of the vibrant festivity. Once she finished reading the pamphlet, she came across the envelope which looked like a letter but was more like an invitation. It was from her husband and it said, ‘Will you envelop the colors of spring with me?’

Now, she had the answer to her loneliness. Feeling enthusiastic about the plan, she called her husband.

Tears of joy rolled down her eyes.

She is going to the Dhulandi festival. Where are you going?