Check out the marvellous destinations one should visit before turning 30!!

These are some mind stirring landscapes and beautiful destinations to visit. The popular commercialized spots are some of the places which will leave you mesmerized. India bristles with the best chilling spots and you take your friends along. No journey is long enough without a good company. It’s time to move to these chilling places to sort out your mind and even out your brains!!

Get ready for some snow madness at Auli, Uttrakhand

This is one of the places in the Himalayas which is known for its ski destinations. The lofty slopes of the hills are surrounded by oak forests, which are enough to thrill the professional skier as well as the amateurs. If you want to enjoy the ambience of Auli, then camping out in the forests near the mountains is a must. Auli boasts of the world’s highest man-made lake, as well as Asia’s longest cable car. It is purely an adventure spot for trekking and skiing enthusiasts.

Gear up your energy for the adventure in Savandurga, Karnataka

It is a hill station which is situated 60 km west of Bangalore. It forms a part of the Deccan plateau which is considered one of the largest monoliths in Asia. The place is a great package for the adventure lovers with your best companions. It consists of forests, caves, water sports, trekking, climbing activities and so on. There are some serious slab climbing routes in the world which ranges from 700 to 950 feet for the technical climbs and this is one of them.

Time for some spooky experiences at Lonavla, Maharashtra

It is a small hill station in the Pune district which has a reputation for being haunted. Yes, you heard it right. This place is the one which calls for a night stay– not just to enjoy the haunted ambience but it is also considered as one of the best places which have the most aesthetic sunrises in the district. Then, there lies Khandala which is adjacent to Lonavla. This place is a must visit for the people who are fascinated by ruins and it also has a captivating history.

Have some crazy time with some at Gangtok, Sikkim

Everything about Gangtok is great! Whether it is the duty-free goods to duty-free alcohol to one of the places full of serene natural beauty to trekking spots nearby along with cafes, pubs, and casinos. Everything here is the best and can be considered as an alternative to Goa. Sometimes it is also considered as a mini version of Las Vegas by the tourists.

Buckle up your shoes for some hiking at Chail, Himachal Pradesh

The place is situated near Shimla and was considered a summer retreat for the Maharaja of Patiala during the reign of the Britishers. There is a Chail palace which is well known for its architecture and is tucked beautifully around the pine and the deodar forests which surrounds this area. If you want a lovely weekend with your friends, then camping and trekking trips are a must at this place. You can also go on for hiking in the world’s highest cricket ground in Chail which is a major temptation for the cricket fans.

Scrutinize the history at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

These are the places to visit for the ones who go a long way into the history. Considered as one of the beautiful and the underrated places in Rajasthan, the fort falls on the way to Udaipur from Ajmer. This place boasts of its enchanting history and provides the complete view of the city below. It also has one of the few historical towers which is still open to the public in India. One should never miss this rare opportunity to look at the victory tower’s beauty.
The architectural design is totally different from the inside is almost like a stunning maze. This place is also famous for the manufacture of saris from the plants of custard apples, bananas, and other fruits.

All the above places are a must visit for some adventure, goofiness, crazy time with pals, beautiful memories and breathtaking experiences. Till then stay tuned