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  • Colors

    Add Colors to your life.

    5 ways to add colors to your life. We are surrounded by Colors everywhere around us. A life without Colors is unimaginable and will be dull. We come across them every day and all the

  • holi-rajasthan

    The Gift of Holi

    The Gift of Holi It was going to be her first holi festival after marriage. Feeling sad and distressed about not being able to celebrate holi at her hometown in Punjab, she was lost in her

  • humans of India

    Some of the Unexplored and the Unheard Facts about India

    The travelers are interested in visiting India due to the lovely landscapes, beautiful flower valleys, mountain regions, mesmerizing beaches and so on. Some of the intriguing facts about India will

  • Top 5 Travel Movies you Must Watch

    Movies will definitely raise your traveling hormones. 21st century’s teenagers want to lead a passionate life. Ask a teenager or a younger adult; what will he do if he has a lot of money? Guess

  • wait for me

    A tale from the Himalayas Indian destinations are sights to behold, especially the Himalayas. Once you have been there, it is impossible to forget about it. The tourist guide that I hired took me to

  • Travel has no age

    Who doesn't want Char Dhaam's Yatra at this age?" I insisted. "But mom I have loads of work to do here. I can't even sleep well. I can't go along you. Please wait till next year." He replied. I

  • In love with India

    Returning from India was not that easy!" I said and realized I was boosted up mere with memories of this amazing country. "Since the day I came back to America from my trip to India, I am not

  • Dream that came true

    Jantar Mantar gives us the time with sun rays. Whenever you go to sightseeing in Jaipur make sure you go to the place.” said my teacher at primary school. “But how? I can’t understand how

  • A trip to the south of India

    She is standing in her garden and looking at the sky wondering how she can reach the zenith of the sky. She is consumed in her thoughts is eager to find an answer. The rays of sunshine make her look

  • Delicacies of north India

    A trip to amritsar -North of India

    The journey from Sambar to Kulcha “I didn’t know if there are things tastier than Sambar”, I remember the first sentence Mr. Reddy’s younger daughter said after taking a bite of Amritsari