Here are some more pointers which will make you fall in love with Coorg!

  • Cheers to the wine lovers! This is one of the reasons; people like to visit this place. The variety of wine is available here in abundance for those who love wine. Their culture of wine drinking is also very unique and quite fascinating.
  • Bravo! Coffee addicts! Get ready to explore the plethora of coffee plantations here. Ease your taste buds and fill your heart with the aroma of the wonderful coffee right here at Coorg.
  • If you are a vibrant personality or are a big fan of carnivals or festivals, then this is the right place for you. People often visit Coorg for the Puthari Festival which is celebrated usually at the end of November or in the early December. The town looks very winsome when decorated with flowers and with mango or banana leaves. There are various pleasing games which set an adventure to this beauty. The dance celebrations, coconut shooting, and colorful decorations make it more pleasing.
  • It’s time for you to get excited if you adore animals. There is this Dubare Elephant Camp where the visitors can have the privilege to bathe, ride and feed the Elephants. It’s time to fall in love with the majestic creatures. In case you are scared, no need to worry; there are trained naturalists present during the process. This is quite a unique experience.
Coorg is simply amazing

Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird in the vast blue sky?

  • If yes, then you must try the Microlight Flying in Coorg. This thrilling activity will surely make your day. You will feel everything magical around you! Try it with your loved one and experience the joy.
  • There’s something which will make you feel flabbergasted if you are a water baby. White river rafting is open to both novices and the experienced ones. If you are hydrophobic, then this is the right place to overcome your fear.
  • If you are a peace lover, then visit the Padi Lgguthappa temple on the highest peak in Coorg i.e. Tadiandamol. It comes with the adventures of trekking, camping, picnic and visiting the popular temple of peace.
  • This one is for the foodies! The extraordinary cuisine of Coorg will blow your mind away. You would definitely want to tease your taste buds and feel like a connoisseur.
  • People who love camping, go visit Coorg right now to enjoy all the camping spots available. Coorg is considered as one of the best camping locations by the tourists.
  • The scenic beauty of Coorg is one of the reasons, why people prefer to come here. Get in touch with nature with the beautiful waterfalls here.
  • There is also a place for the history lovers. They can visit various forts in Coorg.
  • Do you know what angling is? It is the hunting of fishes with the rod and a line. You might have seen this in the cartoons or movies when people used to go for fishing.

Yes, peeps!! You will get a chance to go hunting fishes here.

  • Turn your attention to the wildlife sanctuaries. This is a paradise for the people who adore animals. The passion for photography can also be enhanced here with the giant flying squirrels, leopards, tigers, jackals, porcupines and so many other magical creatures.
  • Hey couples, get happier! Coorg is considered an ideal place for a honeymoon. Get ready to amaze your partners with the serene beauty of this place which will make it more romantic and lovable.
  • Have you ever thought of visiting a nature island through a hanging bridge? Well, you can have a sneak peek into the laps of nature in the Nisaragadhama Island in Coorg. There are boat rides as well.