Alleppey is a beautiful combination of lakes, crisscrossed narrow canals, rivers, lagoons, paddy fields, coconut palms, paddy fields and scenic beauty and the low lying wetlands. Here are some of the places to visit in Alleppey which will leave the tourists flabbergasted. Let’s check them out!

Alleppey Beach – The ideal destination for families and kids

The beach is perfect for outings. There are two parks available for the children where they can play items, pedal boating and other such games. It is not an idle destination for any of the beach activities due to the severe undercurrents. Thus, it is advised to not go swimming at the beach as many accidents have been reported here. The sad part for the adventure lovers is that there are no beach activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, or water sports available on this beach. The tourists will be able to look at the best beauty views dense palm groves, beautiful garden on the seashore, and so on.

Get ready for the houseboat experiences

Houseboats in the backwaters is too much fun. The travellers should never miss this experience which provides staying in a giant houseboat and experiencing the beauty of the backwaters from inside. This is surely going to make your vacation complete. Staying on the backwaters with the beautifully crafted houseboats which comes in various ranges will totally pacify you in the best possible ways. The tourists can stay, cook and enjoy lovely evenings in the balcony of the boats and have an unimaginable time. You surely need to check out the list for sure.

Know more about the religious background of Alleppey

People who are fond or lover of architecture and buildings and religious places, must visit the St. Marys Forane Church situated in the Champakulam area. It is one of the oldest churches in India. There is one more temple called Ambalapuzha Temple which is a must visit places in this region. It is one of the houses of Lord Krishna. With this, you will come to know that south India is known for its impeccable architecture and the famous Ambalapuzha Temple Festival which the tourists find attractive as there is a huge display of the aesthetic mural paintings during this festival. People who have a taste palate must know the speciality of this place i.e. Ambalapuzha Palpayasam* **which is a sweet milk porridge for the toothsome. *

Campfires and night walks

The mind-blowing experiences of nightlife will sway your hearts away. The whooshing sound of the backwaters, night walks with your closed ones, peace and serenity in the environment is all a traveller expect sometimes from a place. With the bonfires and spending times with your loved ones, you will have tremendous fun. Without visiting Alleppey, a trip to South India would be incomplete.

Tease your taste buds with the delightful dishes

The big-time foodies must know that this place has so much to offer from the vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes. Cuisine includes traditional fish curry cooked with coconut, Vada, chickpea curry, add-on would be the fried banana chips are amongst the favourites.

Beautiful sunsets act as a treat for the nature freaks

Get ready to experience the best treatment for your eyes i.e watching the sunset and rise at the beaches. If you are in Alleppey, it’s time for you to set your alarm and head towards _P_ozhiyoram, a beautiful beach which is more of a quiet place to relax and watch the sunset. There are various other scenic beauties such as witnessing the rivers joining in the backwaters from the small beach.

Get to know more about crystal collection at Revi Karunakaran Museum

The travellers who adore artistic creations and are into collection must hit off this place which is beautifully decorated keeping in mind the art lovers. The items have been laid by the Revi Karunakaran family. The tourists will find various rare and old art pieces there such as Swarovski crystal collection, mural painting, crystal wares, antique furniture, Tanjore paintings porcelain wares, ivory works, and many more things. There are more than 3000 collected items and you will definitely get immersed in them.

Grab your cameras for amazing nature shots

The photography and the bird lover enthusiasts must visit their DSLR’s and get ready to go for some bird watching in the backwaters of Alleppey. It is a house to the most exquisite migratory birds in India. You will find White Throated Kingfishers and Stork Billed, Black Drongo, White Breasted Waterhen, Jungle Myna and Asian Palm Swift here. Get into a canoe in the beautiful backwaters and carry your camera along for the amazing shots.

Monsoon boat races

One of the most important parts of the traditions and culture of Kerela is the Nehru Boat race which adds a thrill to the hearts of the spectators. The boat race started in 1952 and is full of fun events. Here you will get in touch with the folk dance and music performances. The boat race is in the 2nd Saturday of the August month.  You must visit Punnamda Lake in Alappuzha to witness these boat races.

Behold the natural beauty from a lighthouse

It’s time to visit down the beautiful memory lane and explore this beach where you can enjoy the beach views and sunsets from a lighthouse in Alappuzha in Alleppey. The quaint and pretty left along lighthouse offers the most exhilarating views for the people. The beach consists of archaeological exploration, relaxing in peaceful surroundings and boat racing.

Get your swim shorts to swim via the sunset at Pozhiyoram beach

Swimming across the sunset! Sounds mesmerizing right? This beach is the best place for the nature lovers, swimmers, photography enthusiasts and peace seekers. The waves at this beach are small and it is easy to swim around. The travellers will be able to see thousands of fishermen with the Chinese nets catching fishes and the beautiful sunset across.

Kayaking across the backwaters

Get ready for kayaking across the backwaters in “God’s Own Country”. A delightful houseboat or kayaking tour will leave the backwater enthusiasts mesmerized. The vivacious tours will leave the travellers spellbound and will quench all the desires of the backwater lovers.