Kerala – The most beautiful place in the world

Kerala in South India’s scenic state. Approximately 600 kilometres of the glorifying Arabian sea coast and beaches; it is a jaw-dropping network of lush backwaters, with the hills concealed with spice and tea plantations on the western ghats. Just on putting foot soul relishing place, the quenching palm-shaded greenery slows down the subcontinental pace to absolute bliss. Kerala is a peace away palace from the chaos everywhere. It makes tourists believe like one has passed through a green looking glass in India. Aside from its backwaters, boating, greenery, houseboats, mountains, and tea-spice plantations; the wild elephants, or tiger, peppy culture and traditions, unique birds, kathakali place, snake boat races, temple festivals reside in here. Well, how truly Kerala uses God’s own country – the high minded catchword.

The mystic beauty of Kerala

God own’s country

Kerala is one of the finest travel destinations in India. It is home to coconuts, elephants, backwaters, and definitely to the rich culture and traditions. One of the most desired places for tourists from all around the world. Kerala is the God’s own country. The greatest bewitching place to travel with family or friends. From the wonderful beaches to hillside green plantations to gushy water canals, Kerela’s beauty is incomparable to any other destinations. Some of the most admiring places to put your heart out are:

Alleppey Backwaters

It is famous for the backwater trips on the houseboats and is considered the first must watch places in Kerala. It gives the opportunity to watch the breathtaking landscapes like the lavish paddy areas in the waters, ducks and lilies in the water, fishes, tiny chapels, which will definitely be written in the minds forever.


A stunning hill station in South India and the best in Kerala covered in 80,000 miles of green tea farms are the prodigious visions of mountain slopes. The tea farms offer organic betting on the mountains which further give a glimpse of low flying clouds and mystic valleys providing a full ancient colonial feel, this was basically formed for the tea plantations.

Kumara Kom

For experiencing the typical warmth of the south Indian place, then this is a place one should opt staying in. To adore the backwaters, tasting yummy Kerala food, sipping on pulpy coconut water and fresh air, Kumara kom is the definite place to be in. This tender little village will make one admire its beauty by offering boating, cruising, fishing, sightseeing and what not.


Is a translator for the land of paddy fields in the local language. Expressly calling it a green paradise is a deal as it is a perfect fusion of heaven and nature sitting together to attract the world. It offers lively locations like dams, edakkal caves, waterfalls, rockfalls. A must for the crackers in the monsoons and for the adventure enthusiasts, in July and August.


Owns a great wildlife sanctuary which preserves innumerable species of animals like the tigers, sambhars, elephants, gaurs and the lion-like macaques. Located on the banks of Periyar Lake, more than half square kilometres of the area has been owned by the thick dense, green forest. One can watch closely the wildlife on a boat trip or on foot. The government there even provides to enjoy the sanctuary by sitting on the top of elephants.

Allocated along 14 districts, every hook and corner of Kerala has indeed worth exploring views and things to enjoy.