5 ways to add colors to your life.

We are surrounded by Colors everywhere around us. A life without Colors is unimaginable and will be dull. We come across them every day and all the time.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we add significance to each color that we come across? Now, obviously thinking about all the Colors will be insane looking at the infinite numbers that surround us.

But we can help you with some of the basic Colors of course.

Here is what you can do the next time you think about these Colors.

a.) Green: As the color green signifies peace and harmony, how about gifting a potted plant or terrarium as a gift? Plants make a perfect gift for various occasions, gift yourself or someone you love with a traditional plant which you may have grown yourself or saw while you traveled.

b.) Yellow: In India, gifting gold jewelry and idols is considered auspicious for celebratory occasions. Get a souvenir of a place or a pilgrimage you visited.

c.) Orange: Every festival or occasion is incomplete without sweets. Gifting sweets have always been the benchmark of Indian tradition, especially during festivals. This Holi, gift your loved ones with sweets and savories of Rajasthani and Bengali sweets.

d.) Blue: As the color blue signifies calm, gift your friend or a family member a travel gift card. Gift a travel experience which can last for a day, a week or more.

e.) Red:  Red reflects love and fertility. Look for gifts such as red-colored clothes or attractive home decor pieces which has some memories of joy and travel related to them.