These places will surely make the mind of the travelers go wild with imagination.  The list presents the 10 unexplored places which will not be alien to you once you check them out!

1. Gurez Valley kashmir

It is full of cool breeze, surreal places, breathtaking beauty, backdrops, along with the soothing sound of the gushing rivers. The scene here is full of sights of shepherds, fields and greenery. The place is located right below the ‘Line of Control’. The fact makes it the most protected land of India. However, it is safe for the tourists to visit there because of the constant vigilance and patrolling activities. The tourists must prefer to visit this place in the month of September when the weather and the warm air will welcome you with open arms.

2. Phugtal Gompa, Jammu & Kashmir

It is one of the most striking attractions for the tourists.  Set up in a mountain cave in Zanskar. It is one of the remotest monasteries in Asia. The tourists will be able to view the spectacular beauty as soon as they climb up the mountains. This is one of the peaceful and serene beauties of India. A must visit place for peace of mind!

3. Chopta, Uttarakhand

Also known as the prettiest and the most offbeat places inIndia, Chopta will let the travelers enjoy the scenic beauty of the snow covered mountains, the divine Himalayas, towering trees, friendly people, sleepy town, enchanting meadows and dark forest trials. It will definitely leave you star stuck.

4. Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Located just 80 km away from Dehradun, the place is a little hamlet for the romantic couples. It is usually a spot for the couples who prefer to spend some time alone away from the busy streets and houses. The place is full of stunning views, pleasant hotels with terrace stays and an ambience full of love and warmth.

5. Damro, Arunachal Pradesh

Known as to be the longest hanging bridge which is 1000 feet in length and is situated in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a hidden route to the heaven for the travelers. Thatched with bamboo houses, laid back lifestyle of the people and the swaying nature of the bridge, it is a gateway to the rural route for the city dwellers. The place is full of sights of harvested crops, vast expanse of meadows, grasslands and beautiful meadows.

6. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

It has been honored as the ‘Cleanest Village in Asia’ by various international bodies of the country. It is totally an undiscovered place which is a must visit for the travelers. The village is an epitome of love, harmony and cleanliness. Here, you will find well maintained roads, spotless houses, polished streets, manicured front yards, cobbled sidewalks and interesting people. The well organized structure of the organic and inorganic waste and maintained public utilities will leave you mesmerized.

7. Sandakphu, Darjeeling

The name of the place means height of the poison plants. The place is so called because of the availability of a poisonous plant near the peak known as the wolfsbane plant. This is one of the dangerous offbeat places and is also the highest peak in Darjeeling.

8. Kila Raipur, Punjab

Known for the rural Olympics, engaging audience and games, the village is full of vibrant culture and people. It consists of festivities, pop culture, traditional plays which will be the best trip for the travelers.

9. Jawai, Rajasthan

It is one of the coolest additions to the leopard spotting destinations for the tourists. Full of rustic lamps, luxurious tents and authentic Rajasthan cuisine, the place will take you to a place full of famingos, geese, cranes and a large variety of migratory birds. In case of more exploration, you might also find a place where you may find sloth bears, antelopes and Indian wolves.

10. Mohammadpur Umri, Uttar Pradesh

The fact which makes the place most interesting is the twinning tale associated with the place. It has been observed that there is a population of 900 people out of which 65 pairs of twins are present. The most interesting fact is that not only the human residing here gives birth to the twins, but also the animals such as cows give birth to twin calves, hens lay legs with twin yolks and so on. It is the most wonderful place for a mini vacation with its interesting traditions and cultures.